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Life is a Rose LbNA #48979

Owner:I Spy North Team Contact
Plant date:Jul 17, 2009
Found by: ETKA
Last found:Mar 13, 2010
Last edited:Nov 4, 2015
This is a 10 minute walk. This box was MIA and has been replaced on 8/10/13 in a different location.
Our thanks to all of our friends who found and gave the original box first aid! This stamp is a version of the original.

Across the street from the Berkeley Rose Gardens located at Euclid Avenue between Bay View Place & Eunice Street, Berkeley, CA is Codornices Park. Enter Codornices Park and find the famous concrete slide. Climb the stairs to the landing at the top of the slide. Continue straight up the stone stairs past the slide. There will be a clearing on your right. You may have counted about 43 stone steps and reached some wooden steps. Veer toward your right and climb the eight wooden steps. 13 paces past the top wooden step will be a wood stump your left, right along the path. The stump has three hollows in the top. Under a pile of leaves in the center hollow is your rose. Please replace the leaves!
On the way back, make sure you use the slide!

Hike length: 0.5 miles