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Reed Lakes LbNA #48854

Owner:Trail Thrashin' Tots Contact
Plant date:Jul 12, 2009
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 12, 2009
The best information on the trail and how to get to the trail head can be found here: But don't stress, you only have to go the easy half to get to the letterbox.

Head up the Reed Lakes trail about a mile and a half. Check out the amazing huge rock and spectacular views. Be sure to explore all the wreckage of the Snowbird mining camp, but don’t linger too long. There is more to see, and the letterbox is nearby. This is where the hunt begins!

The path of the miner leads to the hills.
Follow his footsteps and pick up your heels.

Head up the way, just a hop of the toad,
to where a choice must be made at the fork in the road.

One tine is mangled, bent, broken and shaded.
It leads to the left, but its use has been faded.

Take it to where concrete bones tell a history,
just a slab and a wall and a bathtub mystery.

Explore and enjoy but don’t rumble the drums,
unless you like buzzing and stinging of bums.

Here amongst ruins a prize can be won.
In the hole in the wall you will find something fun.

There’s a box under rocks, but don’t make too much ruckus.
A rabbit lives here and he might bite your tukus.

If the trail has grown over, and you have trouble locating the concrete bones, you can find them via gps at coordinates N: 61° 49.353; W: 149° 11.277; E: 2692ft

Be sure to explore the area and go to the bridge for a great spot to have lunch. It’s just a few hops up the right tine when you get back to the fork. If you are feeling more adventurous, head on up to Glacier Pass, or boulder hop your way to Reed Lakes. From here and on up it is GORGEOUS- but not as kid or doggie friendly. Please let us know if you enjoyed your trip. We’d love to hear from you!