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Counting to Fifty LbNA #48671

Plant date:Jul 6, 2009
Location: Reinhart Park
Planted by:farmerbriansfamily Contact
Found by: feeling froggy :)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 5, 2015
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How time flies. Farmer Brian is turning 50!

At 5, the first day of kindergarten at St. Anne's Catholic School; at 10, Little League; at 15, Barrington High School; at 20, bicycling from Chicago, across Canada, to the Pacific Ocean; at 25 going to church in Washington state, thinking of a certain young lady; at 30, married with one little boy, working as a drywall finisher; 35, moved to Oregon, living on an organic farm with his wife, two sons, and a daughter; at 40 looking for a new job with baby son in tow; at 45, living his dream job, managing an organic farm on a private estate; at 50, slowing down a bit, not as eager as he used to be to pedal his bike the 12 miles to and from work.


Begin at All Sports Park/Reinhart Volunteer Park off Lincoln Road.

Cross the Pedestrian Bridge over the river. Do not confuse this with the smaller foot bridges over the pond. Ask anyone in the park if you need help finding the big bridge.

After crossing the Pedestrian Bridge, walk down the steps to your left that are made out of railroad ties.

Follow the path downriver.

After entering the woodsy part of the trail, pass a two-trunked oak on your right. After you pass a second similar tree, also on the right, take six more steps and notice the downed oak log on the left.

Look at the left side of the log, under ivy and bark.