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Emily MilePost's Finishing School for Letterboxers LbNA #48437

Plant date:Jun 27, 2008
City:Delta Jct.
County:Fairbanks North Star
Planted by:The Fat Lady
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 27, 2008
Emily MilePost’s Finishing School for Letterboxers

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Congratulations on this, the first day of your exquisitely refined lives!

Today you embark on an important journey, one meant to help you discover your Polished Letterboxing Selves. As you learn the dos and don’ts of this marvelous hobby, you’ll discover, as all finishing-school graduates discover, that the world loves a well-mannered person; your finished selves will be better liked and respected, your voices will carry greater weight, and your droves of new friends will be the envy of Trail Troglodytes everywhere!

Following this welcome letter, you’ll find directions for our Opening Day activity, a hunt for the etiquette manual and enrollment book in which you will register for school. Be sure to observe perfect letterboxing etiquette as you follow this trail, as secret Recruitment Scouts will be observing and evaluating your performances.

In closing, remember our school motto: On the trail, as at the table, Manners Matter!

Most Sincerely,

Emily MilePost
School Founder

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Your hunt begins at the Delta Community Library in Delta Jct., Alaska, located on Deborah Street off the Richardson Highway. Directions and library details are available here: . You will be hunting for a specific book, the Finishing School Enrollment Log and Etiquette Manual, by gradually filling in the following 11-digit (or letter) blank call number, which we’ll call your Goal Code:
[1][2][3] [4][5][6].[7][8] [9][10][11]

On to the clues:

1. Read the article on page 82 of the item whose call number is REF 709.04 SMI. Position 6 of your goal code is the number of the Dartmoor’s Lost Unicorns letterbox mentioned in the piece. [Fun fact: This historic article is entirely responsible for the introduction of letterboxing to North America.]

2. Among the library’s permanent artwork collection are an oil portrait of a celebrated Alaskan poet and a framed copy of a poem by that same writer. In your goal code, position 4 is the phone key pad number corresponding to the second letter of the portrait artist’s name. Position 5 is the line number of the poem in which the phrase “lost sweetness” occurs.

3. Position 11 of your goal code is first letter in the title of the book whose call number is 796.1 HAL.

4. Position 7 of your goal code is the number of children’s section bookcases donated in the name of Mabel Olmstead.

5. The number of stalls in the women’s restroom is the numeral to fill in at goal code position 8. Men will be required to use stealth to obtain this number!

6. Find the first letter of the last name of Chuck, a late beloved high school teacher whose donated shelf stands next to the library’s fireplace. Fill this letter in at goal code position 3.

7. At goal code position 10, enter the second letter of the name of the person whose biography has the call sign B HOBBS. (Note that the name and the book title are the same word.)

8. Find the book How to Build Log End Houses by Robert L. Roy. At goal code position 2, fill in the last letter on page 61 of this book.

9. Position 1 of the goal code is the fifth letter in the name of the street on which this library is located.

10. [Position 9 is M.]