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Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge-Vacation Snapshot#2 LbNA #48368

Owner:Wrangler Contact
Plant date:Jun 23, 2009
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 23, 2009
Being a Pacific Northwest ‘transplant’ of sorts, I was Early on introduced to one of my favorite places on this planet. This sweet little spot, with icy cold water like home, and Spanish moss the likes of which I had never imagined became our hidey place to escape to, from the Georgia heat and humidity.

It is also an excellent place to discover your one true love and soulmate.

The Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge is the southernmost covered bridge remaining in Georgia. This 121 foot bridge was constructed in 1891.

Stand at the Northern end of this bridge between the two posts, with your back to the bridge. At 270 degrees, give or take a few, walk 165 leisurely steps to a broken tree stump, maybe 4 feet tall. Standing between the posts, you cannot see this stump. It is not the one that has been cut to about a foot tall, which you will pass on your left. You will stroll past this one and continue to the FAR side of the picnic grounds. There is a bit of a road/trail there, as of this writing. Inside this upright stump, at the bottom, behind some large bark pieces, is a PNW camo letterbox for your enjoyment. This is only my third carve, so please accept my primitive artwork.