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Mills Riverside Park Series LbNA #48249

Plant date:Jun 17, 2009
Planted by:Hands-On family fun Contact Inactive
Found by: NVPT2009 (3)
Last found:Nov 13, 2010
Last edited:Jun 17, 2009
Welcome to the Mills Riverside Park series! My first series!
This series was planted for a beginning letterboxing "field trip" a friend organized. (I thought it would be good to have a special series of boxes for the newbies to find, if they like it and want to do more they've been given the introduction with some suggestions for courtesy and discreetness!)
***BYOI (bring your own ink) no stamp pad in box - pen too

Box # 1 Mills Riverside Bridge Box
Starting out easy! Cross bridge head to the left. Check out the amazing tree! Next to it is a huge stump/log. You'll find your box behind and UNDER that stump. Pease be stealthy and rehide well!

Box #2 Doggie, Doggie, Where's Your Bone?
Time to take Fido off leash! Head Left!

Once in off leash area you'll see an open field area. Let Fido lead you along the tree line that edges the river. Continue on left edge through open mowed field area. Stay on mowed path along tree line. Soon path turns to dirt. (Stay left at any Y) When arriving at the end of the straight path you have two choices. Turn left into tree line toward river or turn right and continue along mowed path. Do neither! Look straight ahead at two very young "christmas trees" that look almost close enough to be one. Fido left his bone in the gift under the dead wood behind/under the tree!

Box #3 Jeri-Hill

This area is often called Underhill and Jericho. Which is it? Let's make it easy and just call it Jerihill! I lived in an apartment around the corner about 9 years ago. When I moved in my address was Jericho and before I moved out my address became Underhill. Neither the house or apartment moved :) This box is commemorating any confusion about which town you are in!

Cross the bridge and to the right,
The soccer fields are in your sight.

Cross the area where ball they play,
For games are not what you're here for today.

On the end there are some trees,
It's the oldest and wisest one that will please

Under some sticks and at it's base,
You'll find the letterbox's hiding place.

This is where you'll get the stamp Jeri-Hill,
Please rehide well and be stealthy, if you will!

~Let me know how the clues are for you. Jotted notes but doing it from memory! :)