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Goat Snare LbNA #48233

Plant date:Jun 15, 2009
Planted by:Goat Snare Contact
Found by: Backroads Northwest
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 15, 2009
Directions: From the west, take the North Cascades Highway (State Route 20) east from Burlington, WA (exit #230 on I-5) about 60 miles to the town of Newhalem. From the east, take the North Cascades Highway (State Route 20) west from Winthrop, WA about 70 miles to the town of Newhalem. When arriving in Newhalem, turn south onto Main Street where the Skagit General Store and the Skagit Information Center are located. You may park anywhere along Main Street.

You’ll be starting out in the town of Newhalem, a company town owned by Seattle City Light and populated entirely by employees of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project, or of local county, state or federal agencies. The town is located within North Cascades National Park Service Complex and specifically Ross Lake National Recreation Area.

Clues: The clues are easy, the terrain is easy and the total round trip time is about one hour.

The answers to the questions in the clues for this letterbox are located in North Cascades National Service Complex. In keeping with National Park Service policy, letterboxes must be authorized with national parks, so we have created this letterbox in which you have to collect words from various interpretive signs instead of searching for a letterbox.

At the south end of Newhalem you will find a suspension bridge across the Skagit River onto the Trail of the Cedars – an old growth forest of western red cedar, Douglas fir, and western hemlock. Upon crossing the bridge and bending to the right, take the left fork of the trail.

On the interpretive sign entitled “Logging History” on the fourth line take the third word. ___________________.

At the powerhouse go to the middle interpretive board “Where does the WATER come from”, and use the last word in the third line of the paragraph beginning “The water leaves……” __________________________

From the edge of the concrete pad at the powerhouse walk approximately 55 paces to the northwest to the Linking Trail. Follow the Linking Trail and take the left fork at the sign. Upon reaching the gravel road the Rock Shelter Trail is right across the road. Follow the Rock Shelter Trail and at the fork go right to the rock shelter. At the end of the boardwalk using the sign entitled “Respect for the land and its People”, in the second paragraph on the right use the fourth word in the first line. ____________________________

Retrace your steps back to the gravel road and turn right, walking about ¼ mile back to the powerhouse. From here take the left fork of the Trail of the Cedars. At the interpretive sign “Salmon Warning – Wrong turn!” take the eighth word on the third line in the first paragraph on the left. ____________________

Continue on the trail and return to your vehicle in Newhalem.

When you have collected the words at the various stops take your answers to the North Cascades National Park Visitor Center near Newhalem to get your book stamped and sign our logbook. (The Visitor Center is located west of town, off State Route 20 at Milepost 120 – cross the Skagit River and drive approximately ½ mile up the hill to the Visitor Center).The Visitor Center is open daily May through October from 9:00am until 5:00pm, with extended hours July and August.

Thanks for participating in our letterbox and ENJOY YOUR NATIONAL PARK!