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Flamin' Drum LbNA #48171

Owner:Little My Contact
Plant date:May 31, 2009
Found by: Squatchis
Last found: May 2, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 31, 2009
Where do Tucson's hottest and loudest performance artists hang out? At a big metal warehouse just south of downtown! This space houses Tucson's premier taiko drum group (Odaiko Sonora,, Tucson's pyrotechnic theater (Flam Chen, and Tucson's Afro-Brasilian Drum/Dance group (Batucaxe,, among others.

This in another one of those “hidden in plain sight” magnetic boxes we're fond of. When you go into the building, you're in the very cool lobby. Immediately to your left is a big metal door into the main rehearsal space. Check out the “starscape” painting over the door-- I could look at it for hours. The lobby "look" was created by local artist To-Ree-Nee McArdle.

The box is visible in the lobby-- you don't have to enter the main studio space, although you're welcome to. Clue: the box celebrates a recent victory for diversity, hope, and realism in our great country. (Or, depending on your political leanings, this box may celebrate the beginning of the end of all that made America great.)

The building isn't always open (it's only open when the artists are rehearsing) but there's a calendar of rehearsals at If anyone asks, just tell them you heard about the space and were interested in checking it out.

They have a “Quarterly Review” every, well, quarter. These are held the 2nd Saturday of June, September, December, and March. It's a full evening of weird, amazing performances-- taiko, fire theater, mime, afro-brasilian drumming, modern dance improv-- AND they provide snacks! These usually start at 7 PM. They ask for a $10 donation at the door. You can get your stamp, see some great local performers, and eat some free cookies, all in the same night!