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The Forgotten Missions #2 LbNA #47876

Owner:daddy x 3 Contact
Plant date:May 25, 2009
Found by: PunkSoulBrother (2)
Last found: Jul 4, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 25, 2009
A few months ago a friend told me about a friend of his who had this interesting hobby called letterboxing. I looked it up on line and found a box just 20 miles from home. So one Sunday morning I took my kids, we found the box and also found ourselves a new hobby. Since then we have been trying to decide where to place our first letterbox. I wanted to find something of interest since most of the boxes we had found were in interesting places we probably would not have visited otherwise. I also wanted to make it educational for my kids, I finally decided on the Missions of California, so I did my research and found there to be 21 missions. While doing my research I came across a site that had writtten about the two "forgotten missions". These Missions were founded in the 1780's but due to a lack of protecting Presidios were over run by the local inhabitants. Now there are Monunments in the places were they were thought to have been.
So to get to the Moument take Interstate 8 towards Yuma,AZ. Take the Winterhaven exit and continue on Winterhaven Dr east to Picacho Rd. Folow Picacho Rd till you get to Ross Rd then turn right on Ross Rd. Follow Ross Rd until it turns left onto Bard Rd. Continue on Bard then turn right onto Colby Rd, don't worry your getting close. From Colby turn left onto York Rd and continue until it turns right onto Mehring Rd. Drive about another 1 1/2 miles and the monument is on your left, if you drive over the canal them you missed it.
Once there stand in front of the monument and read about the history of Mission San Pedro y San Pablo De Bicuner.
Once you are done start walking around it to the right side, you will notice a huge palm tree directly behind the monument, continue around the right side of the palm tree.(you will notice off to the right a cement bridge with white crosses painted on each of the footings, don't let that distract you) Once directly behind the palm tree look about 350o and you will notice a braided steel cable fence blocking off a cement bridge. The fence is made of 3 steel posts and 3 braided steel cables. Step over the fence and walk about 8 steps onto the bridge, now stop and look to your right, at the edge of the bridge there are four black rocks covering the box, be carefull there are now guard rails on the bridge.