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First aid neededInigo Montoya LbNA #47575

Owner:Pudies Contact
Plant date:May 25, 2009
County:Santa Clara
Found by: J-Squad-5
Last found: Mar 5, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 25, 2009

Worcester Park

Located on Worcester Loop, there is limited street parking
Natural woodlands and vegetation abound in this 11 acre park. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, the park offers three trails. One of the trails will lead you to a large meadow with views of the hills. “”

From the main entrance on Worcester Loop take the trail to the left. There will be a small redwood grove on the left. At the fork take the turn that is NOT the hand that Inigo fights best with. Continue on the path up the hill. Take a moment to sit on the bench with Justin, Steve and Michael and enjoy the view. Continue on the paved path past a tree with the same number of trunks as Inigo Montoya’s enemy had fingers on one hand. When you meet Mr. Nickell pace off, on the path, approximately the number of years plus ten that Inigo has looked for his enemy. The tree that forms a V on your left perfectly frames Inigo Montoya’s enemy’s “hand”. Walk around to the back of the tree and you will find what you seek at the base.