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Guardian sempervirens---The Raven LbNA #47507 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:May 24, 2009
Found by: I Am Bird
Last found: Nov 11, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 24, 2009
Sequoia Sempervirens or the coastal redwoods and their forests provide great homes for lots and lots of other plants and animals. Among these are the wonderful, fascinating and amazing common ravens.

Here’s one place you can read about these birds:

To find Montgomery Woods take the North State Street exit on Highway 101 in Ukiah. Drive north on North State Street. After a mile or two to your left you’ll see Orr Springs Road. Drive 14.2 miles west on Orr Springs Road to Montgomery Woods. The road is narrow in spots and bumpy at times, but paved and includes beautiful vistas and great trees. Watch the white mile markers. The last one you will see will be 29.73. Soon you will also see a rather modest set of signs low and to the right telling you you’re on state park land. When you see the unpaved parking area for Montgomery Woods to your left park there. If you drive across the bridge you know you’ve gone too far. The parking lot is just before that bridge. Walk to the southwest end of the parking area.

Head toward Montgomery Grove on the trail. Walk over the first bridge and head up and away from the little house on your right, past Elizabeth Orr on your left. Keep going up, up, up followed closely by down, down, down staying on the main trail until you come to something kind of grubby. Position yourself at the sign in the middle at its front facing east. Proceed in that direction about eleven steps. Note the small trail on your left. Take it for about 26 steps. Walk between the two trees continuing to follow the trail until it’s time for a little sit at about 23 steps. Do so reciting a poem or two, thinking deep thoughts such as, “What is life” or nag whomever you’re with. If you’re alone prepare some nagging for a future occasion. Then turn around and stand on this seat positioning yourself as far to the north or right as possible. Three to four feet in or from the edge of the seat on your left in a crevice about 1 1/2 feet up obscured by a few rocks and under some forest litter is your Guardian Sempervirens---The Raven Letterbox.

Thanks for coming and please close everything up tightly.