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Red, Red Wine LbNA #47489

Owner:SuziLivvi Contact
Plant date:May 24, 2009
County:San Francisco
Found by: deniserows
Last found: Jan 16, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 24, 2009
Why do the locals call it Red Hill? The red clay color, or the political leanings of the denizens?

Park near end of Folsom, where the Boulevard starts..the north face entrance near the famous Red Hill View. About 5 parking spaces, one handicapped. [If no parking available, try further along the Boulevard, on the south face entrance]

Two ways to do this hike- short, steep & rough or the long gentle paved upgrade good for bikes, strollers, old knees (paved until the last short section- park wheels & walk a little).

Option A: take the dirt path parallel to road heading east. Take any trail from far east heading west up the smaller hill, all the way up heading to the radio tower. Hop (or duck under) the guardrail near the bench dedcated to Barbara and DayzeE.

Head up to end of the paved road (bearing left) and then go left, south, along the radio tower's perimeter fence. On the south/south west section of the perimeter fence, you'll see a big clump of coarse sawgrass next to a dark green bush. In the bush, a SPOR.

Please screw top on tightly (log is a bit big) and point the white cover away from the trail, cover well. You may wish to descend the gentler way.

Option B: from the parking lot, head uphill along paved road, past the famous view, all the way up in a spiral. You'll pass many benches to rest, and then the second parking area, keep all the way and take the right hand break in guardrail to skirt the radio tower fence. Past a memorial, may see the red tail hawks. Nesting Great Horned Owls in the trees to the west. See above re: southwest area of perimeter fence: clump of grass and bush, SPOR.

A dog, kite, binoculars or serious jogging wear make good camo. LIMITED TIME: Box may be moved to El Dorado County in Summer 2009.