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Bear Top LbNA #47281

Owner:OPJim Contact
Plant date:May 15, 2009
Planted by:Viejo Contact
Found by: mom22sons
Last found: May 25, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 15, 2009
This letterbox was originally placed by Viejo, but he is unable to maintain so I have taken it over.

The Lettterbox is part of a Geocache Hyrid cache in a standard ammo can. The elevation is a little over 6200 feet but it is generally available all year except for short periods when snow may accumulate. A topo map would reveal the area around as a summit, a little higher than the immediate vicinity.

In addition to the usual Letterbox, there is a geocache log book and exchange items. You are invited to sign the log book and take and leave an exchange item, if you choose.

Parking is available where FR 428 divides. From there, walk down the road toward Pine to the unmarked road going off on the right (south). Follow this road until it forks. Go right a short distance and notice on your right a downed tree with a fractured rock at the cut end. Go right past the tree to a track that leads westerly at first and then winds its way toward the summit. Near the end of the track there is an old, large, Juniper tree with several limbs removed. On a heading of 150 degrees about 80 feet away is a prominent pine tree. From the pine tree maintain the 150 degree heading and proceed to another old Juniper. Continue on a 140 degree heading down a row of trees to the next Juniper Continue on to the dead tree (4th tree). Now go to the tree with a 3 part trunk. From that tree the letterbox is 12 steps away on a heading of 200 degrees. The total distance isn't more than 1/2 mile walk from the parking place.

The placement is a short distance back from the edge of the point where one looks down on the confluence of Oak Springs Canyon, on your left, and Bear Canyon, to your right. To the far left is a fine view of all of Pine and of Milk Ranch Point. In the distance is part of the road to the Tonto Bridge and a little road leading down to Pine Creek.

There were some fine places at the edge to conceal a letterbox but I have kept it back for safety reason and in empathy for those of us with acrophobia . The edge is unprotected and sheer. Please be highly alert to this hazard. Perhaps, this should be a responsible, alert adults’ only letterbox.
N 34° 21.908 W 111° 29.275