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Piedmont Girl Scouts LbNA #47248

Owner:GStroop33587 Contact
Plant date:May 11, 2009
Location: Piedmont Park
Planted by:jewls Contact
Found by: GStroop33587
Last found: Sep 27, 2019
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:Sep 27, 2019
This letter box was placed by Girl Scouts in Piedmont! The entire hike (out and back) is about 1 mile on easy, paved paths.

Begin at Exedra Plaza (the large vase) at Piedmont Park at the intersection of Magnolia and Highland Avenue in Piedmont.

Start your walk at the fountain located behind the vase. Turn, with your back to the fountain, to face downhill. Follow the steps down towards the Oak trees – keeping the play structure on your right. Continue down until you reach the balcony.

At the balcony, turn left. Take approximately 57 steps to a small footbridge. Cross the bridge to the far side of the stream. The outbound part of this hike is along this stream, always keeping the stream to your right. Take a right and follow the stream downhill.

At the fork, stay right, taking the lower path. When you come to a set of stairs on your right, take them down to the docent’s description of The Cascade. Continue down along the stream. At the next fork, take a left, or southerly route. Next fork: right. Continue to the Sulphur Springs Grotto . Continue down keeping the stream on the right.

Just after the wooden footbridge (and before two wooden benches) take a sharp left turn uphill (East). At the T-intersection at the top of the stairs, go left (Northeast) 14 paces. Just over the next bridge and BEFORE the next flight of stairs, there is a dirt path heading downhill. Proceed down the path to a pair of redwood trees that have a common base on your left. You'll find the box tucked into the base of the growth.

To return to Exedra Plaza, retrace your steps or follow any uphill path! Enjoy!