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First aid neededBare Essentials LbNA #47162

Owner:Heart in Holland Contact
Plant date:May 1, 2009
County:La Paz
Found by: dezert ratty
Last found: Nov 10, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 1, 2009
There are some things that are essential to each one of us in life. The given, such as food, water, air. And then, for each of us there are other "essentials". It might be a television complete with surround sound for one. For others not. For some it might be a big house. For others not. For some it might be the fancy clothes they wear. Clearly, For others not! For some, like me, it might be books to read. For others not.

This box is the "bare essential". Books and the Buff so to speak.

Find the Gem of Quartzsite and his Readers Oasis' bookstore.
No worries if it is past open hours. The box is still reachable.

I bought the stamp in the bookstore and made the original box. The stamp seemed a fitting image. I hope you'll agree. The original letter box held a winnie the pooh stamp. Appropriate as Pooh wears no clothes. The box is "G" rated. I think Paul's wardrobe would be rated "PG 13". So, fair warning on that. That box was swept away from its hiding place in a storm. =/

A replacement box has been hidden by Flip Flop Flo. She planted it on the right side past the two book shelves and around the corner of the building. It is up against the side hidden under some rocks.

Paul, the bare owner of the readers essentials knows that a letterbox is hidden somewhere outside his place.

I can only check this box one a year, as I go to visit Doc and Brutus, so let me know how it is doing.

This box is dedicated to Azroadie who has hidden letterboxes that leave me standing aside a cactus wondering if south has moved. Bless his pointed little head. =)