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Tin Can LbNA #47102

Plant date:Apr 20, 2009
Planted by:Dragonfly Wing Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 20, 2009
Barfield Crescent Park

Toucan live as cheaply as one

Oh yea

Yea… If I can you can, If you can two can. If two can, all can
said Tin Can Toucan

So off he goes to make his plan,
where should we go pondered Tin Can Toucan

Being a poor flyer, he hopped as he can
a dirt path of red away from man

Up on a tree he took a scan
left on the blue trail, off he ran

When he came to the overlook around he panned
to check and see the lay of the land

He continued on through the broad expand
on the rocky path to find some land

He finally found
a place so grand
a floor of rock to complete his plan

Where the trail meets the rock floor, he took his stand
shrill and excited, compass in hand

He turned 220 degrees and…
found his green dreamland

Can you find Tin Cans green stump dreamland
I bet you can

After logging in as is the plan
put the log book back as part of the land

I love this place thought Tin Can Toucan

But this is too much, can't we just have fun
Cause I don’t want to live with anyone.