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The Smart Cookie LbNA #46830

Plant date:Apr 18, 2009
Planted by:Troop #352 Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 18, 2009

Directions to Trailhead:
From the Golden Gate Bridge (101 North) Northbound take the Alexander Dr. Exit soon after crossing the bridge. Follow the signs to "Marin Headlands Tunnel Route" which will put you on Bunker Rd going West. Stay on Bunker Road for a few miles traveling towards Rodeo Beach About a mile before you reach Mitchell Rd. you will cross over a bridge and see Rodeo lagoon. There will be an old long white building on your right with parking in front and the lagoon on your left. Park in front of the building. To the right of the building is the Miwok trailhead.

The Smart Cookie
posted by Girl Scouts Heart of California Troop #352

For this adventure we suggest you bring along a box of your favorite Girl Scout cookies to give you energy for your hike. Hike along Miwok Trail towards where the sunrises, and enjoy the wildflowers if ou are lucky enough to be hiking in the Spring. A deep lagoon is to your right, and you must completely pass the lagoon. There is a troll under the bridge that will be to your right, so don't go across it. Just keep along the path until enentually you run into a Bobcat that will ask you for your cookies. Don't go towards the Bobcat. Stay with the Miwok Indians, and you will see a red band ahead of you. Persevere northward, because you will shortly arrive at a wooden IXIXI. You are now a SMART COOKIE because you will find me here.