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Southbury's Dragonfly LbNA #46717

Owner:Rusty Hinges
Plant date:Apr 20, 2009
County:New Haven
Found by: Eagle & Teapot
Last found:Apr 19, 2021
Last edited:Dec 21, 2015
The Dragonfly is located in Southbury’s Audubon Center “ Bent of the River”

I84 to exit 14 go north west on Rt.172 about 2 miles to Flathill Rd.
Left on Flathill and enter the Audubon Center. No fishing, bikes or dogs.


After parking take The North Meadow Loop and then take the Cascade Trail. Go up and up thru a stone wall and up again and when you level off you will find a quick right turn and a rock outcroping on your right. On the northwest side of the outcroping from between the first and second tree on your right that you come to on the trail go ten paces or 21 steps at 360* to a tree growing out of the rocks along side of which under some rocks you will find what you seek. Continue on the trail to see the Cascades or return to your car. Another way to go is to follow Pootauck Road past the Barn to a right turn onto the Cascade Trail. Either visit The Cascades and return to the trail or continue straight on Cascade Trail soon passing posted sign on the left and a rock wall on the left. As the trail makes a sharp right then left see a large rock outcroping on the left. On the north west side go ten paces to a tree along side of which under some rocks you will find what you seek.

There are no dogs or bicycles allowed here in Southbury's Audubon center. Also a donation is requested.

As usual use stealth when you find and rehide the box. Recover carefully and
let us know if maintenance is needed The Rusty Hinges