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The Legend of Capt'n Jimbo LbNA #46700 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Apr 19, 2009
City:Clear Creek
Planted by:Stanleyfamily
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Apr 19, 2009
The Legend of Capt'n Jimbo

Many years ago, Capt’n Jimbo ran ashore to hide his pirates treasure. He forced his crew to walk through mud bogs, along wooded paths, and into rocky coves to find the spot that no other buccaneers dare to look for treasure.

Sail ye’ way to Twin Pine Drive in Clear Creek, Ca, park along the waters edge. Look for the dead pirate hanging tree. Pass this dreadful tree. You must walk the plank to get to the treasure. The plank can be very treacherous, watch ye’ step or ye’ might end up in the waters blue. Capt’n Jimbo and his first mate, Lego Jack, have had many close encounters with those waters so blue. Giant sea monsters lurk under the planks waiting for someone or something to become their food. Large water fowl with matching tempers can squawk you into madness.

One you have safely crossed the plank, get ye’ spectacles and spy the pits. These pits are very dangerous. If you are a horse, beware. Get your crew and sail to the path on the right. This path will criss cross with another path to help throw off the treasure thieves. At the criss cross, sail to the left.

This is where it gets tricky. Cross next to the two stick bridge, beware, the bridge is not what it looks like. It is a booby trap for pirates like you! Many a scalawag has been trapped here. Use a sword (or walking stick) to push past the overgrown forest blocking the secret pirate treasure trail. Drag your pirates over and then under two logs. Capt’n Jimbo tried to hide his trail, did he do a good job? Once you see the rocky cove, the treasure is yours. Tis’ be true, Capt’n Jimbo and Lego Jack had minutes to hide the precious treasure before the cutthroat buccaneers found them. They risked life n’ limb to not be seen. The V formation rocks near the cove entrance will hold ye treasure. If ye passes the crimson love sign, ye has ventured too far.

UPDATE: The bushes have overgrown the trail. Be warned that this box is very difficult to get to now.