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Canyon Park LbNA #46624

Owner:J-Ball Contact
Plant date:Apr 16, 2009
County:Los Angeles
Found by: BumblebeeBunny
Last found:Mar 29, 2015
Last edited:Apr 16, 2009
Canyon Park is located in Monrovia, CA.
Park Hours: 8 am- 5 pm CLOSED on Tuesdays
$5 Fee for parking
Bring your own stamp pad!
To get to this letterbox you will need to hike the FALLS TRAIL. The letterbox is located on one of the last dams. The shortest hike starts at the Nature Center where you will be led down into the canyon. You will first cross a stream, continue walking. Stop when you see a giant fallen tree. Instead of continuing on the path, walk under the tree until you get to the dam labeled USFS1964M06, and below that label it will say LACFCD. If it says FS1964 and LACFCD, you have gone too far. Look above the "06", remove two rocks and then you will be able to see the letterbox. When done, put it back and cover again with the two rocks.
Continue the trail to the falls or go backwards to the nature center.
P.S. Contact us when you have found it!