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Arizona Ghost Town Series - Helvetia LbNA #46579

Owner:Varkdog, AMK & LiL Frog Contact
Plant date:Apr 8, 2009
Found by: Waneta Wench
Last found:Apr 17, 2018
Last edited:Apr 8, 2009
Arizona Ghost Town Series – Helvetia
The mining town of Helvetia began to take shape in the early 1880’s, and the post office was established in 1899. The mines were owned by the Helvetia Copper Company of Arizona. When the price of copper dropped in 1911, the mines were closed, and the post office was discontinued in 1921.
To find the letterbox, begin at the junction of Sahuarita Rd. and Santa Rita Rd. Travel south on Santa Rita Rd for approx 11.7 miles (7.6 of which are maintained dirt). At the 11.7 mile mark, there will be a cemetery on the northeast side of the road. The letterbox is here. There is a vehicle pullout approx ¼ mile past the cemetery. You will want to watch for the tractor-trailers traveling through here. They kick up quite a bit of dust.
Once you are back at the cemetery, make your way to the southwest corner of the fence. To the west you will see a three-trunked tree. Under the tree, hidden by rocks and brush, you will find the letterbox.
The town of Helvetia is another two miles south on the dirt road. To get there you will need a high-clearance vehicle to get to it. Just head south until you get to a fork in the road, one veers to the right, the other heads downhill. The downhill road is the pathway to Helvetia.