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Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film LbNA #46477

Plant date:Apr 7, 2009
Planted by:Macabre
Found by: The K Family
Last found:May 17, 2015
Last edited:Apr 7, 2009
In 1967, after some alleged sasquatch footprints were discovered in the Six Rivers National Forest, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin set out on horseback in hopes of finding proof of Bigfoot’s existence.

On Bluff Creek, they spotted a Bigfoot crouching near a fallen tree. As the horses reared from the sight of the creature, Patterson jumped off his horse and with a camera recorded the Bigfoot as it stood and walked slowly into the forest. (

Ever since, the film has been scrutinized and analyzed by experts from many fields. Video stabilizations and enhancements seem to show breasts on the creature and realistic muscle and facial movements.

Roger Patterson, who died of cancer in 1972, swore on his deathbed the film is real. Bob Gimlin also swears to the film’s authenticity.

As in any controversial case, there are questions either way. Why would they fake a female Bigfoot? How could a costume be so realistic in 1967 when it is so difficult if not impossible to build it by today’s methods? How could muscle and mouth movements occur underneath a man made suit, as close-ups of the film show?

On the other hand, Roger Patterson’s acquaintances feel he was capable of such deception. And what are the odds of someone going out into the wilderness to specifically get a Bigfoot on film, then quickly succeed?

Southern end of the Avenue of Giants (Highway 101, exit 645)
Drive N to the Living Chimney Tree and Hobbiton USA
Walk N across Ohman Creek Bridge to end of guardrail
Then right 60 steps to redwood, left 6 steps to stump
Box is on back side of stump under loose piece of wood
Bluff Creek (the sight of Bigfoot video) is less than 20 miles SE of here