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Vanderloom's Walk LbNA #46392

Owner:The Buzzrites Contact
Plant date:Apr 5, 2009
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: PacificRimPandas (5)
Last found: Apr 29, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 5, 2009
This series should take around an hour to complete and involves some uphill walking with a few off-path excursions into the brush. Please bring a pen or pencil and your own stamp pads (if you have a variety of colours, bring them and have some fun with it)! There will be a book in the final box to ink your own stamp in.

Find Falaise Road off of Royal Oak right near Broadmead Shopping Centre. Follow Falaise Road and take a LEFT turn onto Falaise Drive. Continue to the end of Falaise Drive and park somewhere on the street.

BOX# 1
There are two walking trails at the end of Falaise Drive. Take the one on your RIGHT. You should start heading slightly uphill and come to a gravel path. Keep LEFT along the gravel path at a leisurely pace for about 5 minutes, during which you should pass a large fountain and burial ground on your right. At the end of this path, you will meet another path/road where you will merge to the RIGHT and head uphill towards the woods. Stay LEFT at any forks in the path and continue uphill until you notice the path start to veer to the right. On your LEFT will be a large pile of broken asphalt road. Behind this pile is a fallen tree pointing into the woods at a 4 trunk tree. You will find box #1 in the trunk of this tree behind a large piece of bark. Please return the bark after you replace the box.

BOX #2
Return to the main path and continue up the hill for about 3 minutes. You should start to see an arbutus tree in the distance at the end of the path. Once the arbutus tree comes into full view, you will notice a narrow path on your left that leads into the woods. Take this path for approximately 60 paces, at which point you will see the remnants of a rusty old wire fence on your RIGHT. Behind the fence post, hidden in the rocks at its base, you will find box #2.

BOX #3
Return to the main path and head towards the arbutus tree. When you reach the end of the main gravel path, the arbutus tree will be on your LEFT. Look for the stump on your RIGHT that is directly across the path from this tree. Box #3 is hidden inside this stump. When finished, take a moment to enjoy the beautiful view.

BOX #4
After admiring the view, turn around and follow a narrow path further uphill into the forest. As you reach the top of the small hill, the path veers right. Look for the gnarled hand reaching up to the sky and continue towards it. Approximately 10 paces past the gnarled hand, you should see a V-tree on the path to your LEFT with an appendage sticking out of it. Look for the large rock to the left of this tree. Box #4 is tucked under the right-hand corner of this rock.

BOX #5
Get back on the main path and follow it deeper into the forest until you see a log-lined path on your right that leads downhill to a tree with boards nailed to it. Do not take this path. Instead, look to your left and you will see a not-so-obvious narrow path leading up into the trees. Head up about 10 paces, then go left 10 paces into the brush towards a large tree. You will find a rotting log behind this tree and box #5 is hidden at this end of the log.