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Circle Pattern LbNA #46027

Owner:Lucy Locket Contact
Plant date:Mar 18, 2009
Found by: Squatchis
Last found: Mar 1, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 18, 2009
You don't need to stop at a news stand or have a subscription to enjoy this state park. Stop at the Visitor's center and grab a map.

Find the Signal Hill Trail to High Point. It is across the street from a sign that says Cameron Bluff Campground/ High Point Trail. Park by this sign, then cross the road to your starting point. Take the trail. At the Y, stay right.

At the PACK IN/PACK OUT sign, continue 17 steps. Stop and look up the hill to your left. About 21 steps off the trail is a large tree with two dead logs behind it. The LB is behind the second log, close to another tree.

After stamping in, be sure to continue to the end of the trail.