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Museum of Northern Arizona LbNA #45990

Owner:earminator Contact
Plant date:Mar 8, 2009
Found by: NMRK
Last found:Mar 13, 2022
Last edited:Mar 8, 2009
Difficulty: Start on flat ground, going up and down sturdy rocks, just watch your step
Time: One way approximately 10 minutes at easy pace

Starting from train station turn west onto Route 66 go straight through the first stop light then right onto Humphreys. If you drive under an overpass you have gone too far. Drive straight for a while until you see a house with a door in the wrong place on the right. Turn left at this light onto Fort Valley Rd. Follow this road for a couple of miles. Take a gander at the Pioneer Museum on your right with the train out front. Keep heading west you will pass Coyote Springs Senior Citizen Community on your right. About another 1500 ft until your destination, turn into the Museums parking lot.

Park anywhere and head to the front door of the Museum. With your back to the door you will see a lookout point with Rio De Flag Native Trail sign on the left. Follow this trail for about 185 steps. You will come to a fork in the trail... keep right. In another few steps you will see a steel pipe sticking out of the ground about 4 inches on your left, just before you start to head down the trail. Go down the rock steps be careful as you descend. Keep following this path to the right; you will go in-between two large boulders. The trail will come to a fork- either you can cross a small creek bed or keep right. You will want to keep right. Just below the lookout point you will see a small water source between two large rocks in a rock face. If dry, the crevice is large enough to walk inside. Standing just outside of this crevice turn left and take about 3 steps. Look right on the rock face. About 5’5’’ high under rocks is where this stamp resides. Watch out for the little critters that live in this area.

After getting your stamp go into the Museum and admire the local Native art. They are open daily from 9am-5pm admission is $7 adults, $6 seniors (65+), $5 students, and $4 children (7-17) Call if you have any questions (928)774-5213.