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Riordan Mansion LbNA #45989 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Mar 8, 2009
Planted by:earminator
Found by: PunkSoulBrother
Last found:Oct 25, 2009
Last edited:Mar 8, 2009
The park rangers took the box

Going from I-17 take the Flagstaff, Grand Canyon exit and stay in the right lane. You will pass Denny’s on your right. Head straight toward the San Francisco Peaks; you will then pass a major chain store on your right with red balls outside its store. Turn right onto S Plaza Rd and then drive a little, at the stop sign turn left onto Riordan Ranch. At the next stop sign turn right and follow the road as it curves. If you want to park in the parking garage you must be quick to find the stamp unless it’s after 4:30.

Find the large wheel; stand facing it outside the gates. Turn left and walk over to the wood triangles across the street. Look under the corner closest to the parking garage of the triangle closest to the Mansion, under wood and rocks there the stamp sleeps. Look for little critters that may reside in this area.

Once you have your stamp, if The Riordan Mansion is still open you may want to take a tour of this beautiful home that was built in 1904. Can you see where your newly added stamp was inspired from?