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Old Main NAU LbNA #45988

Owner:earminator Contact
Plant date:Mar 8, 2009
Found by: Sandra Leesmith
Last found:May 5, 2020
Last edited:Mar 8, 2009

Start from train station near downtown Flagstaff, head west through the station going through the one way drive. Turn left onto Beaver, as you pass by if you need a good place to eat hit up the Beaver Street Brewery. Keep heading south through Bulter as you pass the AZ State Credit Union turn right onto DuPont. Go straight through the stop sign and follow the street as it curves left. Park on the right at the meters after the third no parking sign.

See Old Main in all her glory. On the right hand side of the road look for number 188, head up the hill south to number 196 you will pass the tree with a number 11 placard. While facing 196 turn left and walk straight to the tree with placard 13. With your back to this tree, look for the green place to rest, go there. Sit facing north and look to your left. Where white criss-crosses with sandstone look to the right under rocks. Here the first building does reside. Watch for little critters.

If you have time after, check out the Museum inside of Old Main. Art museum hours: noon-5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Don’t forget to avoid getting a ticket you may want to add some change to the meters unless you will be quick.