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Brushy Peak LbNA #45868

Plant date:Mar 8, 2009
Planted by:The Happyrocks
Found by: fleetwood7 (2)
Last found:Nov 9, 2009
Last edited:Mar 8, 2009
Two letterboxes can be found at Brushy Peak.

NOTE: Letterbox #1 appears to be the victim of work done on the trail and is buried under a load of dirt.

Letterbox #1.
From the parking lot take the Brushy Peak Loop Trail, which leaves through the gate to the left of the caretaker's house. Follow the trail past the lake (sometimes dry) and continue up the trail. You may be hiking amongst some cows, but they are usually docile. About 3/4 of a mile from the start of the trail you will come to some trees on the left side of the trail. Near the third or fourth tree you will find some cut logs. If you reach the junction of the Tamcan Trail, you've gone too far, but not by much. The first letterbox is between some of the cut logs. In the summertime beware of snakes before sticking your hand in any holes during your search.

Letterbox #2.
Continue up the Brushy Peak Loop Trail. In about 0.4 mile you will pass through another gate and make a hard left turn. Go up the hill past the groaning eucalyptus trees. About 1/2 mile past the trees you will come to another junction. Go right to continue up the Brushy Peak Loop Trail. In about 1/4 mile you will come to some funny looking rocks on the side of the trail. Below the trail there are some oak trees. One of the oaks has a fallen tree beside it. In the hollow of the oak tree you will find letterbox #2.

To return to the parking lot you can either return the way you came, or continue all the way around on the Brushy Peak Loop Trail.

Getting there:
From I-580 in Livermore, exit north at Vasco Road and immediately turn right onto Northfront Road. After about 0.8 miles turn left onto Laughlin Road and proceed approximately two miles to the staging area at the end of Laughlin Road.