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Alphabet Soup LbNA #45764 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Feb 26, 2009
Found by: ???
Last found:Jul 9, 2013
Last edited:Feb 26, 2009
Retired as of 9/13/13
The used bookstore where this was hidden is closed, but I'll leave this clue here since it may help in understanding some of my other meta-puzzle boxes. However, note that all of the actual clue pieces have now been removed, both online and in actual boxes.


I'm sorry. How rude of me. You came here looking for the clue to a letterbox, but I didn't put one here. I put it someplace else. Actually, several other places. Twenty-six places, to be precise. Now, some of these places are pretty easy to figure out, but others may drive you crazy. Some of them are virtual, some of them are physical.

Here's the idea: as a big reader of sci-fi and fantasy, I really like Michael Moorcock's concept of The Eternal Champion. He has several series of books featuring different characters as the hero, but all of these heroes are connected. All of them are different incarnations of the same hero in an alternate universe. Moorcock first coined the term The Multiverse to describe this concept of an infinite number of alternate universes. Therefore, all of his books, either blatantly or subtly, are connected.

It's the same with my letterboxes: none of them are an island. Every box is either part of a series, or otherwise part of a larger puzzle. I always look for ways to include some kind of bonus box. So if you find something in a clue or in a box that doesn't seem to belong, make note of it.

I first got into letterboxing because of the puzzle solving aspect. It was later that I got into stamp carving, and I'm getting better. Then I started appreciating the longer hikes, and I'm getting healthier. Now I'm starting to enjoy the social aspect: getting to know others who share this hobby.

So these twenty-six clue pieces are intended to get people communicating. If you think another boxer may have gotten their hands on a piece you don't have, offer a trade for one you've found that you doubt they have. A few of them are thus far only available to a limited number of people. And the physical ones I deliberately spread out, placing some of them near to certain boxers I suspect would get hold of them quickly.

Yes, this is my biggest puzzle yet. I'd like to thank and dedicate this to the puzzle creators who've inspired me and spurned me on to bigger and crazier ideas: Don & Gwen, Tdyans, Lee & Nancy, Mr. Ospital and too many others to list.