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Things about Alaska 2 LbNA #45747

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Sep 23, 2008
Found by: Eidolon
Last found: Jun 26, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 23, 2008
First a few rules about this box. This is an add on box. Carve a stamp of your favorite thing about Alaska and add it to the box, Do not take any of the stamps out of the box (except to stamp them of course) Absolutely NO hitchhikers. That would just be way to confusing. AQ mail me with what you added so I can add it to the clues. This box has been moved out of the establishment and out in the wild . Okay enough rules on to the clues.

Park at the Abbot loop community park on Elmore road. Park over by the Pavilion and walk up the paved path until you get to the dirt trail. Go Down this trail pass by the Caution sign. Continue until you come to the first skinny dirt trail on your right (it splits itself around a tree coming onto the main path) Walk on roots and winding trail for about 155 steps. To your left should be a skinny long log pointing away from you into the forest. Put your back to this log and look up the side of the hill. Scramble up past one tree stump to the second tree stump. Things about Alaska 2 is hidden between this stump and a very thin dead spruce, box is covered in moss.