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Sunset park series LbNA #45741

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Jun 17, 2008
Found by: Eidolon (2)
Last found: Mar 14, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 17, 2008
Watch out for BEARS!!!! I had one person tell me of this danger.

Start at the shelter where your view is clear, and walk toward the city that looks so near. The fence will keep you from going to far, But I will not be where you are (Turn and put your back to the fence) Walk towards me where I reach to the sky and hold a dish that flashes up high. Don't leave the park just walk toward the trees and look for the left pine that sits over me(Stainglass shamrock). Shoots and ladders, tires and swings, take a peek and at all of these things. Climb to the top and slide right down, look to the left not at the ground. A bench you will pass, a shelter too, I'm a tall, tall tree in plain view. Eat with me, drink with me, have picinic fun, there's five of me but choose only one. Go to the trees closest to the table. Find the tree that is one big tangle. (Toasty toes)

Make sure to replace the cover so that you can't see it. Replace back into the same spot you found it.

Toasty toes carved by Grumpy grinch
Stainglass Shamrock carved by Alaska HSM
Clues mostly written by Mandy of Anchorage parks dept.