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Table Bluff Pelican LbNA #45722

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Feb 22, 2009
Found by: Kudichan
Last found: Mar 22, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 31, 2015
A pelican is a large water bird with a distinctive pouch under the beak, belonging to the bird family Pelecanidae.

Along with the darters, cormorants, gannets, boobies, frigatebirds, and tropicbirds, pelicans make up the order Pelecaniformes. Modern pelicans are found on all continents except Antarctica. Birds of inland and coastal waters, they are absent from polar regions, the deep ocean, oceanic islands, and inland South America. And they are certainly found in the Eureka harbor.

Just this week (in the latter part of the month of February, 2009) the brown pelican was removed from the California endangered species list, the first animal to have done so. So pelicans are doing OK!

Find Woodley Island and head down about as far as you can go to see the tall Table Bluff Structure. Read about this interesting structure here:

Walk back up the road you came down until you find a hand me down. Stand at the sign on the pole and locate 340 degrees. Head out that way to the tree. At its base on the east side of the trunk look under a rock and some leaves and bark for the Table Bluff Pelican Letterbox.

As you depart and no longer are drawing attention to the secret sacred spot recite quietly:

what a wondrous bird is the pelican
can hold as much in his beak as his belly can
can hold enough in his beak
to last him all week
and I don’t see how in the heck he can

Thanks for coming. Please be discreet as I’ll bet this can be a busy place in nice weather.