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Unfurling Frond LbNA #45697

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Feb 20, 2009
County:Del Norte
Found by: RougeRaven
Last found: May 17, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 20, 2009
To find the Unfurling Frond Letterbox: From Crescent City take Hwy. 199 east (to go west would dunk you in the ocean). It’s a pretty drive through giant redwoods, over and next to dramatic rivers---past Hiouchi, past Gasquet, past Panther Flat Campground and then approximately 1.3 miles further. About now you should see a sign indicating a botanical trail. Make the left hand turn when safe, pull in, park and take the trail. This is a trail devoted to a particularly fascinating plant which lives in bogs, but you will see . . .

The Unfurling Frond Letterbox is about another plant which likes moisture, the fern.

When you get to the clearing hop up on the first platform and take a look. Then hop off and determine which is the west outside corner of the platform. Let your eyes travel back and under to the first horizontal support, maybe 18 inches. Reach under next to that support on the bog side and there behind a rock should be the Unfurling Frond Letterbox.

Thanks for coming and please reclose everything securely so it’s as water-tight as possible.