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Arti-fact LbNA #45696

Owner:Yosemite MJD Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 29, 2008
County:Contra Costa
Found by: blues moon
Last found: Aug 20, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 29, 2008
Alexander Park in Crockett is a lovely old park, recently updated with new playground equipment, picnic tables, barbeques, bocce courts and even a gazebo. Next door to it is the Crockett pool which is often open for public swimming. The park is at the corner of Pomona St. and Rolph Ave. There are two other letterboxes in Crockett, not far from this one.

Two unusual things are in this park, one living and one human-made.

If you can recognize a Dawn Redwood, you can skip ahead and start your search from there, if not, start by entering the park near the pool, between two old palm trees. Stop at the left-hand palm tree and take out your compass. The Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) is 340 degrees from this palm. Its branches and needles look very similar to our Sequoia redwood trees, but the trunk looks more like a Bald Cypress. Another big difference from our redwoods is that the Metasequoia is deciduous, so do not be alarmed if the needles are browning or even missing! These trees were once thought extinct, found only as fossils, until a small grove was located in China in the 1940s. This tree is descended from them!

Once you’ve had a gander at this unusual tree, get out your compass once again. The “art-ifact” you seek is at 10 degrees from the tree. You will need to navigate around a bench and walk uphill about 8-9 steps. Here lies a mysterious human-made object, decorated whimsically with shells. I believe they are all fresh-water shells, as opposed to seashells, probably gathered when Crockett used to have mudflats. I would guess this object to be 60-100 years old. Who made it? How did it get here? What is it for? Please be respectful of it. Something is missing from the object, and where it’s missing is your treasure. Let me know your ideas as to what the art-ifact is!

Please as always be stealthy. I don’t want anything to happen to the letterbox, much less the ‘art-ifact’! Please re-hide well, or it’s all downhill! Thanks!