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A Tree, a Bush or a Shrub LbNA #45689

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Supporter
Plant date:Feb 19, 2009
Found by: Angel Winks
Last found: Oct 18, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 31, 2015
Lady Bird Johnson was a great old girl. In the 1960’s she supported developing national and state parks in redwood country in Northern California. She was a woman before her time and was sometimes joked about for suggesting we all plant, “A tree, a bush or a shrub.” In 1968 the Lady Bird Johnson Grove was dedicated to Lady Bird near the town of Orick.

Follow the signs on Hwy. 101 from Bald Hills Road up a couple miles to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. Park and follow the trail over the road and onto the lovely loop trail. Pick up (and pay a dollar for) one of the excellent pamphlets. At informational post #3 look down the trail until you see a bend and then no more trail. Walk to the big tree you see directly at the end of your view at the bend and at the left side of the trail. Step up to said tree and walk around it to the other side until you are standing inbetween it and the next tree below. Walk around to the left side of that second tree about 10 steps and about 120 degrees from north relative to the tree. Bend down where the tree meets the soil and behind the sparse beginnings of some salal starts, behind some bark and old redwood needles in a small recessed area you will find the prize. I lay a vertical stick resting against the tree in front of the needles and bark covering A Tree, a Bush or a Shrub Letterbox. But there is no guarantee that stick will remain.

Just like the rest of life, huh?

This is a wet region, so please reclose bags and box securely. Thanks for coming!