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Tramonto Sonoran Preserve LbNA #45485

Plant date:Jan 30, 2009
Planted by:J.A.M.I.E.
Found by: World Travellers
Last found:Jan 21, 2013
Last edited:Jan 30, 2009
From Central Phoenix, take I-17 North to Carefree Highway. Exit Carefree Highway and head East . . . your target is in the mountains before you. Proceed East until you reach Via Tramonto and turn left (it's the first street after the third light). If you have driven between the mountains, you've gone too far. The trail head is on the right side of Via Tramonto just after a roundabout. It’s clearly marked “Sonoran Preserve.” Park on Via Tramonto and head out to the trail. This trail consists of an assortment of cacti, large boulders and some pretty nice views but watch for loose gravel and critters. It’s a great trail for desert enthusiasts.

About 1/3 of a mile on the trial you will come to a “Y,” turn left at the “Y” and head uphill. You will travel approximately .10 of a mile uphill with turn to the right placing you above a large rock formation. It looks as though some animals have made this rock formation their home (do you blame them, look at the view) so please respect their territory. Directly above the rock formation (approximately 30 steps eastward) are two smaller boulders. Your target is behind the first boulder under some rocks.

Congratulations, you made it! Turn around and enjoy the view . . . oh, and wave, we can see you. Thanks for finding our letterbox. We had a great time placing it and love checking it regularly.