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Owner:FIREFOOT Contact
Plant date:Jan 28, 2009
Found by: DM Scuba Brat (2)
Last found: Mar 18, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 28, 2009
Box is located in Secret Woods County Park
2701 W ST. RD 84
Dania Beach, Fl. 33312 954-791-1030
Park is closed Tuesdays but open 9a-5p other days
No Pets allowed.

Beginning at the boardwalk sign, "IT'S SLIPPERY WHEN WET"
walk to the New River Trail sign
then traipse towards your left

You'll pass a bench
and then a snag
and as you walk along
listen for the piliated woodpecker's song.
A strangler fig on your right
with a bench for your pleasure
keep going if you want to find the treasure
A fork in the path..
hmmm which one to take?
Turn to your right and you'll make no mistake
Follow the boardwalk past seagrapes and ferns
a bridge keeps you dry when the wet season occurs
Stop to learn about boats
as you amble along
and soon you will hear the river's song
Walk into a denser, shadier shore
to a fiddler crab sign
see their homes galore

Walk past the inlet
water flows in and out
take a turn inland
now we're heading south

Face 80 degrees, now we're heading due east
the boardwalk's been cut to accomodate trees.
You'll come to a lean to
with a long bench to sit
Turn to your left to enter it

The landscape is bleak
from hurricane's past
but a letterbox is hidden here
you've found it at last!