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Aidan & Ashby's St. Martin LbNA #45403

Owner:AidanAshby Contact
Plant date:Jan 23, 2009
City:Anse Marcel
County:Lesser Antilles
Found by: CadburyRoses
Last found: Aug 18, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 23, 2009
Once you have arrived in St. Martin, the best way to reach this letterbox is by car. We wanted to go on some hikes, and plant the box in the interior, but ran out of time.

As you drive toward Anse Marcel, you will come over a rise there will be a caution sign for speed bumps, and then you will see a large open area to your right, just before the guard shack. There are 5 tall white flagpoles, one each for France, the US, Netherlands, the Radisson (their 1,00th hotel is right on the beach), and one extra (for visting dignitaries?).

Keep the bay on your left and walk toward the tree line. You will see a large white sign warning families not to go down the hill on foot. Take exactly 5 steps to the right of the sign - away from the slope - and look under the first rock you can turn over.

This is a beautiful, protected bay with a consistent, gentle surf. The Pelicans will dive for fish within 20 feet of you! The beach is public, and the amenities are nice. You can usually catch live music at the Calypso, and they make great pizza.

We really enjoyed the "Friendly Island" and look forward to returning in a year or two to check on the box. Have fun!