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End Of The Line LbNA #45390 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jan 23, 2009
County:Los Angeles
Found by: ???
Last found:Apr 22, 2012
Last edited:Jan 23, 2009
Retired as of 12/7/12

Tiu's Day: I cross over The River Of Winds and can smell my prey. He grazes at the crossroads well north of his lair near The Grove and The Pond. The Beast flees at astonishing speed down the westward trail and I make chase.

My quarry ignores the great northwestern path and sticks to his trail, which soon veers northwest within view of The Valley and crosses a creek, then we gallop due west again.

Woden's Day: A sleepless night. Some confusion at the crossroads as I ford the river that borders this other trail. At this same point, tracks lead northwest to southeast, but I soon realize it's a false scent and continue away from the rising sun.

By the time the evening light is in my eyes, The Beast has passed the crossroads leading to The Beached Queen, and we ford another river.

Thor's Day: I'm exausted. I've reached our largest crossroads yet. I gaze north to the dark fog gathered around the distant towers and gaze south to the cool mists above the distant harbor, and yet it seems 110 degrees. If I seek it out, I'm certain I could also find 4 0r 5 northwestern trails to where The Great Birds nest. Despite these choices, The Beast has maintained his westward course, all the way to the end of the line.

Now my speed slows to a creep. With the rapid gallop of the trail gone, I need to tread carefully to not lose the scent. Soon after the end of the line, I spy the tracks heading south. Crossing a bridge over a stream, I stare in awe at The Towers Of Power. In front of them are a row of green soldiers along a fence. I can hear The Beast quivering. At the far right end of the fence looms a palm, and at the corner under its wide fronds he has attempted to hide himself under a few rocks. Now the hunt ends.

When you're finished, make sure the logbook is sealed in a bag, and that bag and the stamp are both sealed in the second bag.