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Bonita Falls LbNA #45297

Owner:Tdyans Contact
Plant date:Jan 2, 2009
City:Lytle Creek
County:San Bernardino
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 2, 2009
This letterbox is hidden near the base of Bonita Falls, the second-tallest falls in the San Bernardino National Forest. The falls usually only appear from January to May, or after a rainfall. There is no real "trail" to the falls; getting there requires maneuvering over many boulders and fallen trees and some stream crossings as well-- so come prepared. The round trip took me and my parents about 1.5 hours; it's not a long hike, but is somewhat challenging.

From the 15 freeway, exit Sierra Avenue and head north. Sierra will turn into Lytle Creek Road. A ways up this road, you'll pass a ranger station on your right. If you don't have an Adventure Pass, you'll need to stop here and purchase one for $5. About a mile past the ranger station, shortly after you pass Green Mountain Ranch on your left, look to the west. You should see a canyon formed between two sets of mountains, lined with boulders. This is the South Fork of Lytle Creek, and this is what you'll need to travel down in order to make your way to the falls.

Park your car, head down the hill and find a safe place to cross the creek. Once you're across, head west toward the canyon. When you reach the canyon, try to stick close to the mountain on the southern side of it. This may require crossing some small streams. As you head down the canyon-- again, sticking close to the southern side-- keep an eye out for a small dirt path heading up and to the left. You should see it shortly after you pass a three-trunked tree with all three of its trunks cut short. Take this path up the hill, and continue following it upward. Shortly you'll pass a large sign covered in graffiti. Keep heading uphill to the west.

After going uphill for a while, you should meet up with the stream again. You don't need to cross it this time. Just keep it on your right and keep hiking upward; the path is steep, but it's worth the effort when you finally reach the waterfall. Once there, you can stand on the edge of the pool at the base of the falls and enjoy the cool mist.

To find the letterbox, walk up to the group of large boulders to the left of the waterfall. Two of the largest boulders lean up against each other to form a small tunnel that leads down to the pool (or would if you could fit into it). Before the tunnel, there's a much smaller boulder embedded in the ground, and between it and the boulder forming the right side of the tunnel is a small crevice. The box is hidden inside this crevice, covered with rocks.