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Verde Valley Relay for Life LbNA #45245

Owner:Jim & Marcy Contact
Plant date:Jan 11, 2009
Found by: lizwilldoit
Last found: Dec 25, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 11, 2009
Verde Valley Relay for Life

Placed By: Jim & Marcy
Clarkdale, AZ
Placement Date: January 11, 2009
State: Arizona
County: Yavapai
Nearest City: Cottonwood
Number of Boxes: 1
Riverfront Park is a beautiful park in Cottonwood Arizona. It is near, BUT NOT IN Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Years ago, the annual Relay for Life was held at this park. Today, it has moved to Mingus Union High School. Once in the park, the box is located near the Verde River, only a short walk on a shaded trail from the parking lot. It’s a simple flat walk and would only be a problem in very bad weather (rare).

To get to Cottonwood:
From I-17
Take Hwy 260 to Cottonwood. When you get to the 89A intersection, (Sizzler, Giant gas station) turn left. Follow this around about ½ mile to the next light and continue straight. There are signs for Historic 89A to Clarkdale. (Walgreens and two banks at this corner)
Take this road through the light and continue 1.3 miles to Tenth Street. There are large signs as you approach for Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Riverfront Park, and North 10th Street. Turn Right.
From Jerome:
Come down the hill from Jerome to the roundabout at 89A. Go 180 through the circle (straight) headed to Clarkdale on Clarkdale Parkway (or 11th street) From here you are exactly four miles from the turn to Riverfront. From the roundabout, go about .5 to a stop sign. Turn right on Main Street, which is also Historic 89A. Enjoy (even stop) in historic Clarkdale. Nice little town. Continue through town…only a few blocks and bear right as you start down the hill. Still on Historic 89A, past Tuzigoot Monument, into historic Cottonwood. Road winds around, but just follow the road. When you get close to the 4 mile mark, you’ll see the signs for 10th Street, Riverfront, and Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Turn Left

Once on N. Tenth Street:
Go about 1 block and you’ll be making another right. You’ll be going past a baseball field on your left and at the turn, you’ll see signs for Riverfront Park, and the street sign is also Riverfront. Right at the turn, there is a skate park. Continue in about a block. Take a little left jog into Riverfront Park at the Veterans memorial (Stop and pay respects if you would)
Continue along this road with the ball field on your left and park in the parking lot at the dead end. You are facing Riverfront Park. Off to the left, there is a concrete walk near three pavilions. Take this sidewalk along a raised bank on your left and walk to the swing sets. Leave the sidewalk, walk past the swing set and find a large sign on a dirt trail (visible easy from the swing). The sign has symbols encouraging dogs on a leash, no swimming, and no fires. At this sign walk to the right and then bear left right away down a well-traveled path for about 50 paces. Turn right on a less-traveled narrow path. This goes between two large cottonwood trees just 30 feet from the start. Go a total of 37 paces. There should be three large Cottonwood trees growing close together just about 15 feet off the left of the trail. If you continued down this trail, you would intersect another perpendicular trail in 18 paces (just for another reference).
At those three trees, look between the two largest right at the base. Box should be buried in bark and driftwood. Enjoy….please be discreet and get it hidden again for us.
We would love to hear from you via e-mail. Enjoy!