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An Ohio Barn in West Hollywood LbNA #45160 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jan 5, 2008
City:West Hollywood
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:BuffaloTony
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Jan 9, 2009
Last edited:Jan 5, 2008
Part of the GAQLBEx08

For those of you who have found some of our other boxes, Maulë and I really enjoy parks in our neighborhood (and close by). West Hollywood has a lot of parks nestled behind busy streets and crowded sidewalks, offering a little bit of peace to those who seek it. This particular park shares the cities name and is located near a library, a police station and a very colorful group of buildings.

There is a parking lot on the south side of the park, but it is only accessible from one street, the street where the library and the police station are. Park here and walk through the trove of Mommies and babies out for an afternoon stroll and work your way through the park. There is an area devoted to those who want to do pull-ups and moves like "the iron cross." Just east of this sandy lot, down a few steps is a raised planter bursting with behemoth examples of Strelitzia Nicolai, a very close relative to the smaller plants behind you. In the raised base of this beautiful plant, covered with dirt and leaves is a little container. It just may be what brought you here to begin with. This park can be very busy, but stealth is all part of our little game.

It's a secret to everyone. let us keep it that way.