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Conversation Hearts: Me 4 U LbNA #45132

Owner:DS Contact
Plant date:Jan 3, 2009
Found by: windsurfgator (2)
Last found: Mar 6, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 3, 2009
Make your way to Nesbit Park on Yale, east of Brownsville Rd.

Me: Study the trail map. You will take the blue trail to find these 2 boxes. Start out on the trail with a red mark that also has a sign for the blue trail (marked, but easy to miss). Turn on the first turn for the blue trail. Take this trail about 1/4 mile until you get to a cluster of 4 huge trees growing together with a skinny viney tree growing out the middle on the right side of the trail. The box is on the left side of this bundle of trees under a small piece of concrete.

4 U: Continue on the trail, past where a lot of trees have fallen, past a flat area that must flood when rainy. Go past 0.5 marker, past a wooden ramp that mountain bikers must use to break their necks, continue on the trail past the "no trespassing" sign (that is turned so that the words face away from the trail). Get to a huge fallen tree that runs along the left side the path with most of the bark missing. About the middle of this huge fallen tree, the trunk dips down. The box is behind and under the fallen tree at this point under a small piece of concrete.

Logbook is in the second box only.

Hike Length: 1.5 miles