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Mojave Quail LbNA #44943

Owner:VIENNA Contact
Plant date:Dec 20, 2008
County:San Bernardino
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Apr 23, 2019
Last edited:Dec 20, 2008
Primm Nevada

13JUL14 'zturtle' has replaced the box and book
Thank you zturtle

A few miles south of Stateline on Highway 15 you will find
Nipton Road. Exit this road and go east about half a mile.
You will find a sign stating DIP with gun shot holes.
Stop here, across the road you will see a tall bush.
At the base of the bush is a S.P.O.R.
This is not a busy road, but please cover the box so
no maintenance crews will see it.
This is an easy quick find, most people who are driving
on this highway are in a rush. Others see the beauty
of the desert and stop to admire it.