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Big River Creek LbNA #44857

Plant date:Dec 9, 2008
Planted by:pygmy pixies Contact
Found by: I Spy North Team
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 9, 2008
Drive down to Big River beach following the dirt road all the way to the East end, you'll pass several parking areas on your right bordered with logs.
Keep going until you reach the parking area closest to the
gate. There will be an outhouse here and an information
board telling visitors about local interests.
You will walk, or you can ride a bike or horse past the gate. Follow the road which will allow you to enjoy the magnificent Big River. Stroll up the road until you see the M1 120 marker, on your left. We estimate this means the walk is about 1 mile.
On the left side of the road a little past the marker you'll see a spring or creek that you'll have to cross, this lies just off the main road. After crossing the little creek, look for the large moss covered Pepperwood tree clump, (large multi-trunked tree smelling of sweet bay leaves). Go behind the tree to the high side of the trunk/s. You'll find a little path like area that allows you to get to the center of the clumps, reach your hand into the center hole, this will be above your head so you won't actually be able to see into the top, just have faith and let your hand guide you. You'll feel some leaves and beneath lies the letterbox. Please stamp your mark, clean the ink off and replace carefully, making sure to close box so that no moisture will get in.
Good luck and enjoy your walk back, or continue up the river for more spectacular views!