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Skyknight LbNA #44825 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Dec 5, 2008
Location: Del Valle Park
County:Los Angeles
Found by: GingerPolarBear
Last found:Sep 21, 2012
Last edited:Dec 5, 2008
Retired as of 2/10/13

We climbed aboard that huge winged rocket
and rode it to the sky
Our minds would soar for hours and hours
We're never gonna die
With pitch and yaw, dives and rolls
We'd blast bad guys to heaven
We'd crash and burn and walk away
Heck we're only 7

But jets give way to bats and balls
To hoop and football too
"We've got great potential," they'd say
"The rest is up to you."
How quick time travels from innocent days
of running in the sun
Till the day your Daddy tells you,
"It's your duty, son."

"Be strong, be tough, be a man"
I'd listen to them say
"But wait a minute, everyone
I thought it was only play."
So Moms and Dads bring the kids on by
and read a name or two
Remember that these precious children
sure think the world of you

And think of us, if not out loud
But when it is quiet and dark
After all, we're your kids you know,
The Boys of Del Valle Park

- excerpt from "The Boys of Del Valle Park"
by Dennis Lander

Del Valle Park is on Woodruff Ave, just south of Del Amo Blvd. It is also known as "Airplane Park" because of the Douglas F3D-2 "Skyknight" that was donated to the city by the Defense Department, and later refurbished and raised on a pylon with a Marine Corps paint job.

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After three locations, five stamps and seven logbooks, this is finally retired.