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Bulb Monkey LbNA #44589

Owner:Parfum Sacre Contact
Plant date:Nov 17, 2008
Found by: Kudichan
Last found: Jul 31, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 17, 2008
The Albany Bulb. A place where urban culture and wilderness merge.
tides. fruit trees. sculpture. dogs. homeless. kids. wind. paintings. water. beauty.
Thank you Osha Neumann, who made some of the sculptures. Osha works during the week as a human rights lawyer in windowless courtrooms, and comes out to the Bulb on the weekends to make art.

Park at the end of Buchanan Street.Follow the path to the right of the beach, out to the Bulb. Expplore. As you go north, downhill, look for the lovely Water Woman. Off to her right is a pensive old man with a shovel, looking at the Bay. Under his seat, hidden behind a piece of concrete, is a box with a friend in it.

Be sneaky, sly and surreptitious, and rehide carefully. Have fun out there!