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Step In Time! LbNA #44586

Owner:Landsharkz Contact
Plant date:Nov 17, 2008
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Benicha
Last found:Nov 5, 2015
Last edited:Nov 17, 2008
This cache involves following along a nice new trail with a short bit of a cross-country scramble off the trail at the end.

Turn from the Pat Bay Highway onto Haliburton then immediately turn onto Cherry Tree Bend which parallels the Pat Bay Highway. Park toward the south end of Cherry Tree Bend. Don't go any further by truck/car unless you have a very small transportation device that can turn on a dime! Continue on foot, further south, for a short distance until the road well and truly ends. (Clue: You should have passed fire hydrant number 629 if you went the right direction). You will know when you have found the lovely new paved trail.

It's time to put on your thinking cap! Count 132 (What? We're not telling you!) along the path and then turn 90 degrees to the LEFT. At this point you will leave the trail and enter the scrub. Walk about 10 staggering/stumbling paces over and under the scrub :-).

You'll find the well hidden camo'd ammo can at shoulder height.

There is a stamp, stamp pad and stampbook for Letterboxers. There is also a waterproof log book for the Geocachers. This is a hybrid Letterbox/Geocache so there is some cool swag that you can trade for if you are interested.