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Lake Padden Gorge Creek LbNA #44315

Owner:pumpkin head Contact
Plant date:Oct 31, 2008
Found by: alittlegreene
Last found: Mar 10, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 31, 2008
Lake Padden Padden Gorge Trail Box
Go to Lake Padden. Turn in at the West entrance off Wilkins at the Horse parking lot. Park by the tennis courts. Make your way toward the Lake to the trail that runs around the Lake and take a right on the gravel trail. Take the time to look for Eagles as they fish if you come in the Spring. Herons and Ducks rule the lake the rest of the year. Follow the trail about .2 mile to the Padden Gorge trail. Take a right on this trail (If you cross the large bridge over the lake outlet you have gone too far). Follow this trail for about ¼ mile. You will come to an old pump house on the right side of the trail. Climb down to the large stump across from the Pump House doorway. Look under the wood debris at the base of the stump for the Letterbox.