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Flag-Staff LbNA #44310

Owner:NK Bells Contact
Plant date:Oct 31, 2008
Found by: mom22sons
Last found: Jun 18, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 4, 2015
Difficulty: Walk and clues easy
Walk time: about 5 minutes one way

NOTE 7: Box replaced 11-28-15. Happy historical hunting.

NOTE 6: Box found gone 4-24-15. I will try to replace this summer, July of 2015.

NOTE 5: Box replaced 6-22-14.

NOTE 4: Box reported missing on 5-12-14. I will try to replace, but it may be a while before I get to Flagstaff. I will post here when I have done so.

NOTE 3: Stamp replaced 12-3-09.

NOTE 2: Stamp reported missing 9-16-09. I am now in Tucson but will try to check on the box on a visit to Flagstaff around the first of December.

NOTE 1: Box RE-PLACED 5/2/2008. Thanks to Desert Flower and AZroadie for letting me know it was missing.

Start at the train station in the center of downtown Flagstaff. You might want to stop in at the Visitor Center in the depot to find out about things to see in the area. Then drive three blocks east on the “Mother Road”—Route 66. When the highway turns south under the train tracks, keep going straight west onto Santa Fe Avenue. You’ll see a sign directing you to Lowell Observatory. If you have a little extra time, that’s an interesting place to visit—where Pluto was discovered. Just keep driving up Mars Hill to get there.

To go to the letterbox, though, you need to turn right on Thorpe Road instead of going up the hill. You’ll pass Thorpe Park and the disc golf course on your left and the “Bark Park” on your right. Curve around with the road, pass some more tennis courts on your right, and you will come to a very tall flag staff, also on your right. Park by it. Read the plaques on the monument the staff is mounted in to find out how the town got its name and some of its history.

Turn your back on the flag and the view of the San Francisco Peaks then, and walk down the path that leads to a pond. Follow the path along the north side of the pond until you come to a “T” of paths with a City of Flagstaff Urban Trail System sign on your right. Turn right by the sign, go about 30 steps, and on your right you will see a rock post by a small rock wall enclosure. Look for the letterbox under rocks between the enclosure and the tall ponderosa pine tree. If you have time, you might want to walk on around the pond. People fish there, dogs swim, and the junior high students do science projects.

Because of the “duck pond,” the area gets very heavy use. Please be discreet in retrieving and replacing the box. Be sure to reseal the baggies and box carefully so that things stay dry, and re-hide the box in its original location, completely hidden from view. Also, this is Arizona, and we do have snakes, so poking with a stick first is not a bad idea.